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Places To Go And Spend With Your Best Friends

travel with friendsDon’t let being married or being in a relationship stop you from limiting some bonding time with your BFF. Why not go on a major vacation with your best friend which will help in bringing you even closer.

Here are some of our top picks if you are planning to go and spend a bestiemoon with your great pal:

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is not your average trip. Planning and going on a vacation with your BFF can be the ultimate adventure. Tour the city’s historic temples and shrines. Then visit the massive food market in central Tokyo where you can buy their specialty Kit Kat flavours. After doing your shopping, visit the Ghibli Museum for some anime fun. Then try their two-to-three-hour bullet train and visit the cities of Nagoya and Kyoto.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is considered one of the oldest cities in the world and is becoming a favourite tourist attraction among a lot of travellers. There are a lot of things to do in the city, but it does not have the attraction of other European cities that you have to visit their must-see spots which leaves you to travel back-and-forth just to see all the tourist spots. Instead, go to the historic landmarks, the beach, and of course the famous food market where you will the city’s best chefs in one area.

Rome, Italy

Although some may think that Rome is a great location to go with your spouse, you will definitely have fun if you bring your best buddy with you. Enjoy walking the city and visit the major ancient sites like the Colosseum. And of course, your tour to Italy won’t be completed if you do not try the food. Don’t miss Rome’s gelato as well because they are also the best.

Tips To Make Travellling With Your Kids Easier

travelling with kidsTravelling can be an eye-opening experience for children regardless of age. There are foods to enjoy, the different sights to see, and of course great family time.

However, travelling with kids can be an overwhelming experience especially since you are responsible for packing their things and making sure that you bring all their essentials. There is also the issue of them getting cranky when they get tired, and the unpredictable schedules travelling can bring.

But we want to make travelling for you and your kids easier. So here is our list of the things you should prepare when you travel with kids:

Make a checklist

Before you start packing, create a checklist first which will contain everything you expect to bring inside your luggage. You can create a list for the whole family and check every item you have already packed.

Don’t bring a lot. There is nothing wrong with packing all the things you need, but if you are going on a beach getaway, you can easily buy some of the needed essentials of your kids and they are not actually expensive. This way, you know exactly what type of clothes they need at that time.

Make sure the place is children friendly. There are some places which cater to single people and some for couples. A children friendly hotel will make sure that the kids will happy as they dine at their restaurant even if they become playful.

Involve them in the planning. If you have teenagers, you can involve them with the planning of the trip. The more they know what they can do at the place, the more excited they will become.

Important Things To Prepare Before Travelling Internationally

international travelFiguring how to travel the world is not actually easy. You have to particularly know where to get your budget and how much you are spending so that you can travel alone or travel with the family.

If you are aiming to travel the world, you need to make sure that you have the right documents with you like your passport and possibly visas. You will also need to have a durable luggage that will not fail you as you explore your destination.

Get your documents in order

You will need to check if your driver’s license is updated and even your ID cards. Also check if your passport is valid for at least six months after planned trips as countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, and Indonesia make this as a requirement before allowing entry.

International travel also requires a visa depending on the location and duration of the trip so if your destination requires a visa, check the embassy or consulate website first.

Get your vacation dates ready

If you are working but still want to travel, there is still a way to enjoy life travelling. This is by saving vacation days especially if your company pays for these days. Check out if your company buys back unused vacation days so that you can use these days for travelling or health benefits.

Prepare your plastics

Having the best credit card to use for foreign transaction fees will not just prevent foreign transaction fees, but also provide you with the rewards and perks while abroad. Check the different credit card offers in your country and compare which one to bring during your travels.

Incredible Cycling destinations

4 Destinations for Cyclists in 2018

Incredible Cycling destinations

Cycling is a great way to see the world, instead of by car (or tour bus). You get to really experience the landscapes of the city or town that you’re in, and it helps keep you fit on your travels! These 4 places are recommended for those avid cyclists (like our buddies from Ipswich) who want to keep riding while they explore the world.

Biking rather than hiking in Peru gives you a unique perspective as you traverse the gorgeous scenery.
Most cyclists say that the highlight for riders is Sacred Valley, where you travel through stunning towns and take in the amazing Andean landscape.

You probably wouldn’t think of Jordan when you think of cycling spots, but there’s so many beautiful places to bike through.
Visit mountains and historical sites, and take in the wonderful desert scenery and the delightful locals when you journey via bike in Jordan.

Many people know about travelling Vietnam by motorbike, but it’s also perfect for cyclists as well!
The journey from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang is long, but definitely worth it thanks to the fantastic sights along the way. You’ll see large cliffs, and go past lagoons, sand dunes, and islands.

Cuba has a great mix of landscapes to see: a mountain town, a stunning beach, and a lakeside village.
We also recommend cycling in Soroa for the incredible plants and animals that fill the area. There’s over 250 types of plants that are native to Cuba, and plenty of different bird species.

Cycling through your hometown is all well and good, but when you want a change of scenery, make it worth the trip! Any one of these 4 destinations are sure to impress any cyclist, and make great group or solo rides. You can even join cycling tours to meet new friends and learn more about each trip.